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iTHEMES set for Keynote

iThemes for Keynote offers a set of 12 professionally designed, high quality and easy to use Keynote themes. All themes have 20 master slides (12 standard and 8 additional), custom designed matching tables and charts. With all its features, iThemes is convenient and economy-minded solution for every day use.


Each of iThemes was especially designed to take advantages of new features introduced in Keynote 6 for Mac and Keynote 2 for iOS:



Unified file format

Keynote apps now uses unified file format for desktop, web and mobile.


Finally you’re able to purchase iTheme for Mac and seamlessly transfer it to your iOS device or vice versa without any loss of formatting.




Keynote now offers styles for paragraphs and shapes enabling you to achieve a consistent look of your presentation with much less bother than it was previously required.


Each of iThemes is designed with predefined paragraphs and shapes styles. That enables you to format multi-page documents just in few clicks.

Includes Themes:

Angled, Curved, Framed, Light, Oblique, Pieces, Raster, Round, Sides, Streaks, Stripes, Typed.


Theme sizes:

Standard (1024x768) and Wide (1920x1080)


Layouts: 20



Keynote 6 for Mac or Keynote 2 for iOS

Angled Keynote theme
Curved Keynote theme
Framed Keynote theme
Light Keynote theme
Oblique Keynote theme
Pieces Keynote theme
Raster Keynote theme
Round Keynote theme
Sides Keynote theme
Streaks Keynote theme
Stripes Keynote theme
Typed Keynote theme